How rainbows are formed

March 27th, 2014


We have been making rainbows to help write an explanation on how rainbows are formed

Connor M, Connor P, Umaer, Habeebah & Chris managed to make rainbows using their water bottles!

How to do everything Book review

March 20th, 2014

How to do everything

John Woodward

pages 192

published 2010

non fiction book:

The book is about how to do everything, for example like land a plane, bake a pizza, fry breakfast in the sun and perform a CPR and many more you can use this many ways.


The best part of the was when they told us how to do are CPR test that was the part I liked the best because it tells you how to save someones life and it tells you the steps mouth to mouth 2 times and 30 compression.

Any weak bits:

I don’t think there is any weak bits as I feel the book is good.


This book was good – I have been reading it all time