Biography of Steve Jobs

April 9th, 2014
Steve Jobs is famous for creating the Apple technology and is important as he helped make the lives of million people easier. He was born in San Francisco on the 24 February 1955. 
 At the age of 5, Steve and his family moved to Mountain View, America where he became to love electronics. He eventually meets Steve Wozniak who becomes a new life-long friend.  As teenagers, the pair together shared a love of electronics and a few years later, they illegally built blue boxes (which allow people to take phone calls for free). Due to his love of technology, Steve takes up a job as a video game maker and works as a gamer for a few years and later in 1974 he sells an early computer called Apple.
He sold fifty Apple computers and even created Apple computers II. In the end he forged the Apple company in 1977 and it became popular and regular for everyone to have a personal computer at home. 
In 1990-2006 he made Apple macs, created iTunes etc. One of the most successful creations, has been the iPhone and iPad. He became known as the Apple man  Overall, Steve Jobs achieved many things and his creations have changed the way we live.
In conclusion he was an amazing man with a strong talent with electronics. His creations makes him one of the best modern inventors of our time. People can learn various things from him including the belief that you can succeed in what you are doing.  His invention have changed lives of many by creating computers which have made life easier for workers and children.