Tim Berners Lee – legend?

March 20th, 2014

Tim Berners Lee was the leading man in the creation of the World Wide Web (the internet) he was born 8th June 1955 in London. He’s important because he changed society.

His parents were both mathematicians working on the Ferranti Mark I computer. He developed a love of electronics from an early age. He graduated as physics major at Oxford University in 1976; while at Oxford he built his first computer using a soldering iron, TTL gates and an old television. His early jobs included: working with a generic macro language, working on a FASTBUS system and designing a heterogeneous remote procedure call system.

He then went onto design the world wide web (which was proposed in 1989) which when created changed the lifestyle of billions. It changed the way we work, the way we live; basically it has changed our lives through this magnificent creation.

What Tim Berners Lee has done that is so important? It has changed the way future generations will operate. Opportunities are endless – people can change everything in their lives if they reach for the stars however it if used incorrectly it can affect others in a way that cannot be reversed.