Diary of a Wimpy Kid the third wheel book review

March 20th, 2014
Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Third Wheel
Jeff Kinney
217 pages
Published 2012 by Amulet books

The story: 
There's a boy called Greg Heffley who is very ordinary but he is weird
in different ways. One of them is that he has a diary.
So, there is a Valentines dance and his school and Greg are trying 
to find a date. His best friend Rowley Jefferson wants to go with 
him, but he doesn't have a date, either. Greg then worries he'll 
be left out in the cold on the big night. But then, Rowley is the 
odd man out instead of Greg.

Characters: Greg Heffley(hilarious), Rowley Jefferson(weird), Susan Heffley(mum and is embarrassing), 
Frank Heffley(dad and is annoying), Mr Jefferson and Abigail(Greg's date and is desperate because she wants a date so badly). 

When Greg wrote letters to the dance, to himself, so it would look
he was already taken, so girls would like him better. Also, the girls 
would gang round him because he has had lots letters from girls to
the dance.

Any weak bits:
There are no weak bits. The book was amazing.

I grabbed this book whenever the TV or radio came on and read it rather than playing on the WII or my iPad.

Big Nate strikes again book review

March 20th, 2014

Big Nate strikes again

Lincoln Peirce

216 pages

Published in 2010

The story:

The book is about a boy called Nate who has to do a school project about Ben Franklin but he has to do it with his biggest enemy – Gina. He is also the captain of the fleece ball team so he has to find time to do them both. In the story there is a bully called Randy, who Nate embarrasses in front of half the school. Throughout the story Randy tries to get his own back. When the school project needs to handed in, Nate saves Gina from getting an F in her work. After the project Nate is in the fleeceball championship but when he is playing Randy gets his revenge, now it is all up to Gina to let them win the game.

Characters: Nate , Gina , Mrs Godfrey , Nate’s friends (Teddy and Francis), Dad, Nate’s sister, Randy

Highlight: It’s funny when Nate embarrasses Randy infront of half the school.

There are no weak bits in the story, the book is really funny.


No this book was too funny to put it down! I spent any spare minutes I had, reading this book.

I would rate it 5 stars.