Stars of the Week!

March 24th, 2014

star of the week

The Stars of the Week this week are:

Yafi – for a superb book review which was looked at by the author herself!

Read the review here:

How to Cheat a Dragon

Hamees – for a super effort writing his Steve Jobs biography

Well done boys 🙂

How to Cheat a Dragons Curse

March 20th, 2014

How to Cheat a Dragons Curse
Cressida Cowell
241 pages
Published 2006

The characters:

1.Hiccup                       7.Toothless
2.Camicazi                   8.Old Wrinkly
3.Fishlegs                     9.Doom-fang

The story:

One of Hiccups friends has been poisoned by the Venomous Vorpents and the only cure is the vegetable-that-no-one-dares-name (a potato). There is only one potato that close to him. The others are thousands of miles away in a imaginary land called America. He must steal them from Norbert the Nutjob with one of his friends Camicazi. If he gets the potato he must defeat the doom-fang blocking their path back back home and he must get back in time without his father realising he’s gone. he must also get it back before 10 o’clock in the morning.


My favourite part would be when they try to steal the potato from the Hysteric tribe. It’s my favourite part because Hiccup falls into a cauldron of onion soup. onions went flying in to the face of his enemy.

Any Weak Bits?

When there was a seed on the arrow and it grew a potato was very unbelievable. Even after hiccup was shot by it. It should have fallen off it went into his body.


It was unputdownable because you were always asking questions and wanting to find out. You also have a clear image in your mind


How to do everything Book review

March 20th, 2014

How to do everything

John Woodward

pages 192

published 2010

non fiction book:

The book is about how to do everything, for example like land a plane, bake a pizza, fry breakfast in the sun and perform a CPR and many more you can use this many ways.


The best part of the was when they told us how to do are CPR test that was the part I liked the best because it tells you how to save someones life and it tells you the steps mouth to mouth 2 times and 30 compression.

Any weak bits:

I don’t think there is any weak bits as I feel the book is good.


This book was good – I have been reading it all time

Archie’s War book review

March 20th, 2014

Archie’s War
Marcia Williams
45 pages
Originally published in 2009

The story:

Archie was ten years old and crazy about comics when in 1914 when his uncle gave him this scrapbook. The empty pages soon began to fill with characters Archie made up, stories about his family and home in the east end of London, and the weird and wonderful souvenirs he collected. A few months later the First World War broke out and Archie’s world slowly started to change. Before his life was happy and normal, but when the World War broke out his dad had to join the war and he had to wave his dad away. But he kept on with his scrapbook, writing down all the events, even the terrible ones, that touched his life, and confiding the thoughts and feelings. That’s why his scrapbook is crammed with emotion, humour and courage and is a unique history of one young persons life during the Great War.

The characters:

Archie was a humorous and brave witness of the war. I think he was brave because he had to wave his dad off at the Great War and that would have been really hard. He made up some characters for his comics such as: Dumpling, Gravy, Tiger Tim and Joey. He also has a pet dog called Old Georgie, his best dog. Uncle Teddy was the uncle that gave him this scrapbook and Archie was really pleased.


I like the idea of the pop ups and the cut out letters, they make the scrapbook easier to understand.  I also like the comic strips they are really humorous , for example: there is a comic strip and it has a pop up which has a toilet door and if you open it, it says ‘ open the blinkin door!’ It also has drawings that give you an idea of what is happening. I also like the pictures of the world war 1 guns and vehicles and there  are real soldier pictures and those are lovely to look at. I could stare at them all day long!

Any weak bits?

This book is so good that I do not have any complaints about it. It is a  brilliant book full of one persons scrapbook during the Great War. I think this book is imaginative and captivating, and it is by far one of the best children’s book covering the Great War.


When I first got this book I read the first few pages and I could not put it down. Wherever I would go I would take this delightful book with me, I even took it to the shopping centre! I would rather read this book than watch television or play on computer games! This is the best book I have ever read!

Diary of a Wimpy kid Rodrick rules Book review

March 20th, 2014

Diary of a Wimpy kid

 Jeff Kinney

217 pages

published 2008

Story: The story is about a boy who has a diary and everything that happens to him he writes it in his diary. During the story Rodrick has a party when his mom and dad have gone out trusting them. He locks Greg and his friend inside the cellar.

The characters: Rodrick, Rowly, Bill Wolther, Greg, Many, Mom and Dad

Highlights: My best part was when Rodrick does his play with all his mates and his mum is dancing and the spot light goes on to her.

weak bits: I don’t think this story has any weak bits.Its that good.

Unputdownable:I could not put it down when Rodrick had a party even though Miss told me.




Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary

March 20th, 2014

Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary
Dee Shulman
183 Pages
Published 2010

The Story:
Polly price has a not-so-ordanary life when her mum invited a TV crew around! The only thing is all her class friends watch this program. Polly falls into the lake and Chelsea follows! What will Chelsea do?

Polly Price, her annoying not intelligent mum, Vanilla (mums life coach), Robbie Kildaire (just a boy in my class), Keira Hamilton (my best friend), Toby Piranha (TV producer), Lucy Lions (TV presenters assistant), Harry Heath Cliffe (horrible boy at school), Chelsea Doyle (brilliant actress).

The highlight of the story was when Polly, her mum, Vanilla, the TV producer and Chelsea are at the lake and Polly falls in for her mums amulet, but Chelsea follows her. What will happen?

Any weak bits?

There was a weak bit in the story because when they are all at the lake it dosen’t really fit in with the story. Apart from that this book was amazing!


I found this book amazing the only time I put the book down when I had my tea!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid the third wheel book review

March 20th, 2014
Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Third Wheel
Jeff Kinney
217 pages
Published 2012 by Amulet books

The story: 
There's a boy called Greg Heffley who is very ordinary but he is weird
in different ways. One of them is that he has a diary.
So, there is a Valentines dance and his school and Greg are trying 
to find a date. His best friend Rowley Jefferson wants to go with 
him, but he doesn't have a date, either. Greg then worries he'll 
be left out in the cold on the big night. But then, Rowley is the 
odd man out instead of Greg.

Characters: Greg Heffley(hilarious), Rowley Jefferson(weird), Susan Heffley(mum and is embarrassing), 
Frank Heffley(dad and is annoying), Mr Jefferson and Abigail(Greg's date and is desperate because she wants a date so badly). 

When Greg wrote letters to the dance, to himself, so it would look
he was already taken, so girls would like him better. Also, the girls 
would gang round him because he has had lots letters from girls to
the dance.

Any weak bits:
There are no weak bits. The book was amazing.

I grabbed this book whenever the TV or radio came on and read it rather than playing on the WII or my iPad.

Big Nate strikes again book review

March 20th, 2014

Big Nate strikes again

Lincoln Peirce

216 pages

Published in 2010

The story:

The book is about a boy called Nate who has to do a school project about Ben Franklin but he has to do it with his biggest enemy – Gina. He is also the captain of the fleece ball team so he has to find time to do them both. In the story there is a bully called Randy, who Nate embarrasses in front of half the school. Throughout the story Randy tries to get his own back. When the school project needs to handed in, Nate saves Gina from getting an F in her work. After the project Nate is in the fleeceball championship but when he is playing Randy gets his revenge, now it is all up to Gina to let them win the game.

Characters: Nate , Gina , Mrs Godfrey , Nate’s friends (Teddy and Francis), Dad, Nate’s sister, Randy

Highlight: It’s funny when Nate embarrasses Randy infront of half the school.

There are no weak bits in the story, the book is really funny.


No this book was too funny to put it down! I spent any spare minutes I had, reading this book.

I would rate it 5 stars.

Red-Hot Bikes Honda book review

March 20th, 2014

Red Hot Bikes Honda.                                                                                Clive Gifford.                                                                                                                                                                             32 pages.                                                                                                                   Published 2007

About: This book is about motorbikes with a lot of racing things and a lot more.This book is really interesting and I think it is one of the best books that I have ever read. It is also for people that are really into motorbike racing or the really fast dirt bikes or just the really fast ones I recommend they should read this book.

Highlights: My best part was the dirt bike pages.

Any weak bits? No it was Great!  

Unputdownable? This book was great it was one of the best book I’ve ever read for along time about motorbikes – it was Amazing!

Diary Of a Wimpy Kid The Third Wheel

March 20th, 2014

Diary of the Wimpy Kid The Third Wheel

Jeff Kinney

217 pages

published 2012

The story: The story is about a young boy called Greg Heffley who lives with his Mother, Dad, older brother and younger brother. He is trying to find a date to the dance but no one wants to date him. His best Rowley Jefferson doesn’t find a dance partner either. Greg is worried that he won’t find a date to the dance and that he will just be left in the dust.

The characters: Greg Heffley, Susan Heffley(Mum),and Frank Heffley (Dad), Abigail (Greg’s date)and Rowley (best friend).

Greg: weird, main character

Susan: embarrassing, the mum

Frank: annoying, the dad

Abigail: beautiful, greg’s date

Highlights: My favourite part was when in the start the book when he is a little child all the way until he is a teenager.

Any Weak Bits:The book was brilliant there was no weak bits.

Unputdownable: When I had the chance to read the book I read it.