Tim Berners Lee

April 9th, 2014

Tim Berners Lee was the man who invented World Wide Web. He is important because he changed the way people over the world communicate.

He was born in 1955 in London to parents who were both mathematicians and from an early age he loved electronics.

In 1976 he graduated as a physic major from Oxford University. He built the first computer using soldering iron, a TTL gate, an M68OO processor and also an old television - “Anyone  who has track of time when using a computer knows the propensity to dream, the urge to make dreams come true and the  tendency to miss lunch.”

His early jobs were working with barcode technology, writing type setting software, writing a generic macro language working on FASTBUS system software and  designing a heterogeneous remote procedure call system.

In 1980 he wrote but never published his first programme called ‘Enquire’ which for shadowed his later work on the World Wide Web (www). In 1889 he propoced  a global hypertext project or also known as WWW. He said, “That idea of URL was the basic clue to the Universality of the Web. That was the only thing  I insisted upon.”

Tim Berners Lee is currently the  Director of the WWW Consortium, the group that sets technical standards for the internet for which the important thing is that it is managed responsibly. He has also written a book entitled “Weaving the Web.”

Tim Berner’s Lee changed our lives by inventing the world wide web.  It has changed the way people communicate and live their lives as well as how they search for information.  


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